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About Us

 The Dean's List Features:


Buying from The Dean's List enables you to discover wines you have never heard of, and expand your wine adventure! 

  We display unique wines that are: 

-Hard to find in Texas

-Limited Production

-Not found at major wine retail stores



One of the most treasured things about wine is not just the taste but the story behind the wine. When buying from The Dean's List you can check out the Industry Notes on each wine to find out more about the background of how it was made as well as additional information that will help you understand the wines story!



The Dean's List offers everyday wines, as well as high-end wines for special occasions, but all with a significant discount! We want to make sure you have great quality wine for a great price. We strive to beat Wine.com and other competitors pricing!



 Need wine quick? Order from The Dean's List in the DFW Area and you will receive your wine within the week! Free and personal delivery when making a purchase over $250.



What separates us most from other wine competitors is our personalization features!

Want to buy a gift and make it feel as personal as possible? We present various options to you to make it as unique a gift as possible, including:

-Personal Delivery

-Personal Packaging

-Engraving on the bottle (person's name, business name, etc.)

-Personalized message through a QR code on the sending card that sends you to a photo, GIF, video, or voice message