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Breaking: Adelsheims Transition Ownership to Long Time Partners
In Order to Remain Locally and Independently Owned, Founders David and Ginny Adelsheim Sell Their Ownership to Lynn and Jack Loacker, Co-Owners Since 1994

Canning Your Wine
Check out Bill Pregler's What's Cool column in the July issue to learn about the individual components of a new canning line installed at Free Flow Wines

Winemaker Horror Stories
Winemakers tell the haunted tales of harvests gone wrong and their rather creative solutions to the problems in the July 2017 issue of WBM

July 2017 Digital Edition Now Available
Wine Business Monthly's July 2017 digital edition is now available.

State of Lodi Grapes: Ten Takeaways from the Lodi Vineyard and Wines Symposium

A Transformation in Three-Tier Wine Sales
Daily Invoice-based Data to Supplant Monthly Depletion Reporting in 24 Months "On the journey to a new source of truth"

Replay: 2017 Secrets to Growing Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales
the Videocast

American Wine Series: Randall Grahm
Skurnik Wines

Ten years of Castello di Amorosa
To mark the 10th anniversary, Dario Sattui has written a book, "Castello di Amorosa A Labor of Love"

"A Model Wine" Puts Newly Acquired Knowledge to the Test--More than a Lecture
When groups of strangers come together in the name of charity, alternative wine packaging and, as it would turn out by the end of the afternoon, sustainability, some pretty innovative wine brands are created.