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The Dean's Wine List

The Dean’s List. A place to buy everyday drinking wines to collectibles. Our goal is to provide exceptional wines at an excellent value, with a variety of unique custom options.

We offer

  • Free delivery in the D/FW area (minimum purchase of one case).
  • Mixed case options (select the wines that are right for you)
  • Wines priced below retail
  • Limited Production options
  • Wines not typically available in Texas
  • Personal Packaging options
  • Bottle Engraving
  • Personalized code message
  • Various out-of-state shipping options
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

The Dean’s list is a great option for:

Holiday Parties

  • A price point to meet your budget
  • Stock your cellar
  • Mixed case options
  • Personal Delivery

Corporate gifts

  • Tasting notes included
  • Personal notes included (video or photos)
  • Engraving options to personalize your gift
  • Shipping options to most states

Current Top Sellers

Nurture a winning relationship... grapes & time!

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